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Contemporary realistic painting

As you may know, we live in a hostil society, with lots of agreessiveness, stress and daily competition. But despite this, you can always fins a moment to relax and feel like in a oasis in the middle of the desert.

And that's the essence of my work, capturing those moments where all the problems disappear and you can feel good, at peace and protected.

Those parentheses in your life are real and now I want to paint them so you never forget what is really important to you.

The art you love reflects your individuality. Much more than your tastes, your values are reflected in the art you consume, and therefore, your own individuality. It will make you feel comfortable with the environment around you.

Allow art to accompany you in your life and in your experiences, because it enriches the mind and transmits sensations and emotions. Art is the maximum expression of the human being and with it your life will be more vivid and more human. It helps you because all art stimulates your creativity and that of your loved ones, your life will be fuller with imagination, helping you to explore new spaces in your mind and open yourself up to new sensations. I can give you all that and much more, feeling aesthetic pleasure.


Painting inspired by modernist artist Gaudi by Imma Merino
Drawing by Imma Merino
My favorite drawings
Urban people by the artist Inma Merino
Tropic of Cancer
Portrait, oil painting on canvas, artist Inma Merino

Something unique and exclusive:

A work of art enriches life, it inspires you to have a different and broader perspective of the world around you, art opens the minds that observe and enjoy it. Exclusive and unique art. Something personal that will differentiate you. The art you love reflects your individuality. Others will follow what other people have, but you know what sets you apart. An original work reflects your personality and conveys the essence of the artist.

By getting a painting directly from an artist you support the culture. You give the opportunity to continue working, growing and creating for the development of all. It is a benefit for the whole society.

Art is an investment, it is a refuge value. Art does not disappear, it is a material, tangible good. Art is pleasure, it transforms environments. Art creates bridges, and dissolves voids.

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