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Contemporary realistic painting

As you may know, we live in a hostile society, aggressive, stressful and competitive. On the other hand, you can always find a moment to relax and feel like you are lost in an oasis, in the vastness of the desert.

And that’s the essence of my work, capturing those moments where all the problems disappear and you can feel relaxed, peaceful and protected.

Those parenthesis in your life are for real and now I would like to paint them, so you will never forget those things that are really important to you.

The art you love reflects your individuality. Much more than your feelings, your personal values are reflected on the art you like, and therefore, on your own personality. It will make you comfortable with your surrounding environment.

Let the art guide you in your life and in your personal experiences, because it empowers your mind and irradiates sensations and good feelings.

Art is the maximum expression of human being, it will cope your life and it will become you more human. Art helps you anytime, because it stimulates your creativity and the creativity of your loved ones. Your life becomes richer and full of imagination, helping you to explore new spaces inside your mind and open you up to new sensations. I can offer you all those feelings and even more, making you feel aesthetic pleasure.

Painting inspired by modernist artist Gaudi by Imma Merino
Drawing by Imma Merino
My favorite drawings
Urban people by the artist Inma Merino
Tropic of Cancer
Portrait, oil painting on canvas, artist Inma Merino

Something unique and exclusive:

A masterpiece enriches your life, inspires you on a brand-new perspective and widens your world. Art opens minds of those who appreciate and enjoy it.

Art is exclusive and unique, something truly personal that will make you feel different.
The Art you love reflect your uniqueness, others would follow different ideas or preferences, but you know what is the essence that makes you different. A masterpiece reflects your own personality and, at the same time, conveys the essence of the artist.

Whenever you get a painting directly from the artist, you are supporting culture. You give an opportunity to the artist to continue working, growing up and creating for the society. It is truly a benefit for everyone.

Art is also investment, it is always a safe value and it never disappear. It is always something tangible. Art is pleasure for the ones who appreciate it, it transforms spaces and links people. It also fills emptiness.

Sometimes Art is understood as the technique, however, while technique is reached by perseverance and as an act of will, Art is achieved as an internal perfection, that perfection of soul that is not possible to measure and to explain rationally, because it is beyond matter and reason.”

Leonardo da Vinci