“El ataque de las musas”
Óleo sobre lienzo – 160×81 cm

Imma Merino has felt since child the need to express herself taking refuge in a natural way in drawing and painting. She spent his childhood and early youth studying and perfecting herself in the art she is passionate about and offers her a way to express all her love for what is alive, analyzing the spirituality and beauty of her surroundings. “The objects have part of the soul from those who have possessed them. How much more will everything that beats and lives have?” She began to work in different artistic fields at the beginning of her career, whereas still continuing artistic painting, her real passion. She drank from different sources for years till she decided to become artistically independent. She then enters into a frantic pictorial process. She often says: »I even dream that I’m painting and when I’m not painting I have the feeling I’m wasting my time» She never stops painting.

Imma Merino-Retrato Institucional Archiduque Austria
Retrato del Archiduque Andrés Salvador de Habsburgo-Lorena con Toisón de oro – Óleo sobre lienzo – 73 × 60 cm

Trabajar en museos y colecciones privadas

  • Colección: Condes de Limbur-Stirum. Bélgica – 2020. Ver aquí
  • Retrato de Don Duarte, para la colección de SS.AA RR de los Duques de Braganza, Cintra (Portugal) 2020 Ver aquí
  • MUSEO DEL CASTILLO DE GMÜND (AUSTRIA) Archiduque Andrés Salvador de Habsburgo-Lorena con Golden Toisón – 2019  Link
  • Retrato del Archiduque Andrés Salvador de Habsburgo-Lorena – colección: Archiduque Andrés Salvador de Habsburgo-Lorena- 2019
  • Retrato del Príncipe David Bagratión. Colección: GPAYC Georgia Prince Bagratión. Julio de 2019  Enlace
  • MUSEO DEL CASTILLO DE GMÜND (AUSTRIA) Archiduquesa Alícia Hasburgo – Lorena / 2019  Enlace 
  • Casa Museo El Romeral. Madrid. Retrato 2018
  • Retrato de SM la reina. Colección: GPAYC Príncipe Bagratión de Georgia. Julio de 2018
  • En el Museo PALAST HOHENEMSS de Austria a la colección: Princes of Waldburg-Zeil. Retrato de H M el rey- 2017
  • MUSEO MAYTE SPINOLA- Marmolejo (Jaén) España 2017 –  «El nacimiento de Eros».
  • MUSEO DEL CASTILLO DE GMÜND (AUSTRIA) – Cuadro de Abadón (El ángel del apocalipsis) 2015.  Enlace 
  • Museo M. de Nazarovo – Siveria – Rusia 2011