A drawing is the beginning, the first step to develop a work, but it is also the goal itself, the destination.

The body transmits more than the word itself, because it tells the most intimate, it is sincere, it does not hide its truth. The non-verbal language that hides behind each nerve, each gesture, each position tells you the truth about the soul, about the pain and about the joy of each being, of the moment they are living and of their history.

It is something unique and inspiring, something exclusive, because an original is the treasure, a flash of your personality, the reverberation of your values, because these are reflected in the art that surrounds you, therefore it is a cry of your individuality.

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A drawing is the beginning of everything, a drawing is beauty, visual pleasure. A drawing transmits sensations and brings elegance to your life, to your home. A drawing is Art and Art is an exclusive expression of the human being. You are art. When you take an original drawing you also take with you a reflection of the artist’s soul, but with it you also show the best part of yourself.