These are the series in which I am developing, in all of them you will find a little bit of me, but also a little bit of you, because in them the human being is the protagonist. I mean you.
I have always had the need to contact people, (humans) but I have to admit that I am not very good face to face, when I have you in front of me, my ability to screw up can be “complicated” and it is that I am a freshwater fish in a salty sea. For something my few friends usually say that I am abstract (I love this way of defining myself).
People matter, you and your people matter to me, it matters to me that you are happy, that you have everything you need and I like to think that I contribute to your happiness and that of your loved ones by generating some paintings and drawings, an art that is a form of transport to my ideal world, so that you can rest in it and reach your highest quotas of fullness.

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“Every work of art must be seductive and if, by being too original, the quality of seduction is lost, there is no longer a work of art…”