These are the different collections of paintings I’m working on. In all of them you will find a bit of me, but also a bit of yourself, because in all paintings the human being is the main character, and that’s you.

I have always had the need to contact people, but I have to admit it’s not my cup of tea. When I face people I’m specialist in screwing up. I usually feel like a fresh water fish in a salty sea. Sometimes my friends describe myself as an abstract person, and I love that way of defining myself and my personality.

People matter, and also yourself and your family and friends matter, I care you are happy, I care you have everything you need, and I like to think I’m contributing to your happiness and personal fulfilment creating paintings and drawings -art- that leads you towards my ideal world where you can rest and achieve the highest level of fullness.

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“Every work of art must be seductive and if, by being too original, the quality of seduction is lost, there is no longer a work of art…”