Tips for ordering a painting.

  1. Choose the right artist, examine their previous work to make sure their style suits your tastes. Make sure he has experience. My works here
  2. Very important, provide quality reference photos and if possible from several angles. The more photographs and the better the quality, the better I will understand the appearance and personality of the person to be portrayed. Choose photographs with good, clear lighting, where details can be seen. It is important that you can see all the details well, and where the person to be portrayed (if applicable) is very well liked and that it is natural, just as it is.
  3. Tell me which of my works has seduced you and what you are thinking about when you order, let me know your expectations
  4. Send the photographs by e-mail, so their quality will be maintained. As you know, social networks and WhatsApp reduce them.
  5. Explain to me, clearly, your wishes and expectations. Give details, technique, size, background, technique, format. Any other element that is important to you. Give all the details.
  6. Make delivery times clear
  7. Maintain good communication with me, throughout the process. It is much easier if you are available to answer my possible questions and that I can answer yours.
  8. Be patient and appreciative. Creating a work of art takes time and effort. Be patient and appreciate my effort and dedication.
  9. If you plan to use the commission for commercial or reproduction purposes, discuss copyright and permitted purposes with me.

Imagine capturing the essence of that special person in your heart. Turn your memories into masterpieces with oil, watercolor or drawing. Immortalize your furry companion or any other topic that awakens your emotions. Art transcends imagination. Each brushstroke tells a story, each stroke reveals a feeling. Dare to explore the power of art, embrace the diversity of shapes and colors. Each work is a window to your inner world, a way to celebrate what makes you vibrate.
Art goes beyond what you imagine, it is the silent voice that speaks of what you are and what you long for. Turn your emotions into art and discover new possibilities!

Benefits provided by a painting

  • A captured portrait painted the essence and personality of the person or object in a unique way, creating a deep connection.
  • Giving a painted portrait shows dedication and consideration, making it a unique and personalized gift that shows appreciation and love.
  • Portraits capture the inner essence of the person, allowing one to explore identity and self-expression through art.
  • A quality painted portrait can last for generations, becoming a tangible legacy and keeping the story and image of someone loved alive.
  • For both the sitter and the artist, creating or owning a painted portrait is an enriching and rewarding experience.
  • A painted portrait creates a deeper emotional connection than a photograph, as it reinforces emotional bonds through the investment of time and effort.
  • Painted pet portraits honor and remember those furry companions who leave an indelible mark on our lives.
  • Painted portraits can be centerpieces of decor in your home or office, adding a personal and comfortable touch to spaces.
  • Commissioning a painted portrait supports local artists and the arts community, encouraging creativity and art appreciation in society.
  • A painting is a great investment

In short, a painted portrait goes beyond a simple image, encapsulating emotions, memories and personality in a timeless work of art.